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Code of conduct & compliance

Our code of conduct details our business standards and practices.

Code of conduct

Our values and standards are the basis of our success.
They always have been. They always will be.

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Our values and standards

Our values and standards help our employees understand what is expected of them and provides guidance on business standards and practices. It represents the very core of our character as a company.

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Business partners

We strive to treat our business partners honestly, fairly and with respect. Our business partner code of conduct helps us protect our reputation.

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As a full member of Medicines New Zealand, MSD has committed to following both the letter and the spirit of the Medicines New Zealand Code of Practice which defines ethical standards for companies to follow when interacting with healthcare professionals (HCPs), public health officials, patients, patient organisations, and the general public.

Medicines New Zealand advocates to improve access to modern medicines for New Zealand patients. Medicines New Zealand is an industry association whose members are engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of modern prescription medicines. Medicines that are recognised as life changing, breakthrough or leading therapies.

Regularly Medicines New Zealand works with key health-based decision makers and a wide range of stakeholders to discuss our industry perspectives. Medicines New Zealand informs and educates using only fact-based arguments with a goal of improving access to modern medicines for New Zealand patients.

For more information about the Medicines New Zealand Code of Practice or to download the Code, click here.

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Office of Ethics

Our company’s Office of Ethics was established over 20 years ago to protect and promote the company’s values and standards on a global basis by developing and overseeing initiatives designed to deter illegal, unethical and improper behavior related to the company’s business.

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